Account confirmation

If you want to confirm your account and pass verification, upload photos of the 1st and 2nd pages of your passport/front and back sides of your ID-card.

All information on the photos must be visible and readable. Only color photos are accepted.


Where to upload photos?

Are you using the desktop version of the site? Click on the balance in the upper right corner and select “Personal data”. Then click the “Account Confirmation” tab and upload your photos.

Using the app? Everything is almost the same :) Click on the balance in the lower right corner, select “Account confirmation” and upload photos.


Your documents will be checked and the account will be confirmed within 24 hours.


Verification on demand of the company

The company may request documents for verification at any time, regardless of whether the client passed the initial account verification. The list of additional documents includes (but is not limited to): a photo with a passport in hand, a driver's license, a birth certificate, a foreign passport, utility bills, a card statement, etc. These documents must be sent to email:

The terms for verifying are set for each gaming account separately. For more details about documents that the company might require, please call the customer support service.

TOP-10 questions
The access to the website may be limited for some users – either partially or completely.

The information contained on this article is for informational purposes only and does not call for a violation of the current legislation of your country.

Free VPN

Touch VPN – allows you to access website from any device. You can install Touch VPN here for free.

Free VPN in Opera browser.

To use VPN in Opera browser:
  • update your browser to the latest version;
  • go to the Security tab in the settings;
  • click on «Enable VPN».

  • After that, a button with VPN settings will appear in the address bar. Click on it and you can easily configure VPN, enable or disable it and check the data usage.

    More details about VPN in Opera browser – on the official website.

    Download Opera browser

    Telegram Bot and Telegram channel

    Get new mirrors instantly! Subscribe to the Telegram channe and receive notifications about new mirrors and interesting events.

    Get new mirrors upon request! You can always send a short message with the keyword "link" or "mirror" and @parimatchbetBot will suggest a link to the valid mirror site.

    Android app

    Betting via your smartphone is easy now! We decided not to update the existing application but created a new one – Parimatch Android App

    Check yourself how functional it is. Simply download and install the app. We advise you to update your Android version because the app is not running on Android OS older than 4.4.4.

    Tor browser

    Tor browser allows you not to transfer information about Internet connections to third parties and gain you access to blocked sites. Browser website

    To start using with the browser:
    • go to the download page;
    • select installation language;
    • install Tor;
    • launch the browser using the shortcut on the desktop.
    • Now you can go to the website using the Tor browser.

Go to the "Slots" section and click "Bonuses", after reading the bonus rules, click the "Activate" button. In the application or the mobile version of the site, you need to do the same;)

There are many reasons for a void. For example, if the game is interrupted and not played within 12 hours, or if the match is postponed for more than 36 hours the bets will be void (this applies to almost all sports, there are only a few exceptions).

The bet can be voided if your prediction matches with the handicap or total. Bets can be voided if you have placed an individual total bet, but the named player is not in the starting 11. 

The bet can also be voided in tennis in the event of player retirement. If the retirement takes place before the end of the First Set, all bets will be voided, except for settled ones. If the retirement takes place after the end of at least one set, then all handicaps will be voided: for the match and sets. In this case, the bets on a winner are settled according to the umpire’s decision.

You can always check the reason for withdrawal canceling in the “Finances”/“Payments history” — “Withdraw”/“Withdrawals history” sections.
Withdrawal is possible only to the payment system that you have used for the deposit. If you have used several systems to make a deposit, the first one becomes the main for withdrawal. But the Parimatch company also can determine which payment system will be available for the withdrawal. If you have used many methods to deposit and do not understand which payment system you can use to withdraw funds, contact our Customer Support.
When you deposit with a card, the maximum delay is up to 60 minutes. If 60 minutes have expired, but the money is still not credited, please send a screenshot with the transaction data and your account number to email: and describe the problem. Our customer support team will help.

When you deposit via terminals, the maximum delay is up to 30 minutes. If 30 minutes have expired, but the money is still not credited, please send a photo of the receipt and your account number to with the corresponding comment.

No receipt? Don’t worry! Contact the support service of the terminal network and request a copy of the receipt. Support service contacts you can find on the internet or at the terminal. Unfortunately, we can't help you without a receipt.

Sure, we have. This is a bonus for your first deposit. If you have not registered on our website yet, follow the link.

And if you have already registered, we recommend you check the “Personal Promo” tab from time to time.

If you deposited a gaming account via terminal, you can withdraw funds to the mobile number you entered when you signed up.

If you want to withdraw funds to the card, then deposit with it or contact our Customer Support team.

To change the card, you need to zero your account balance by transferring all the funds to the available card, and then deposit the account with the new card. Then you can withdraw to it.


If you are unable to withdraw funds to your old card, contact our Customer Support team and provide your account number — we will help you to add a new card to your account.