How to deposit account?

Deposit is the main and the most important stage before the game. Let’s check out how to deposit on the site, as well as in the application.

On the desktop version, just click on the green «Deposit» button in the upper right corner, select a payment method and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Deposit in the app is just as easy. Click on the balance button and then click on the green«Deposit» button.

So, what are the methods you can use for a deposit?

Depending on the currency, you can deposit with cards and e-wallets. Mobile payments and deposits via terminals are available for some currencies.

All payment methods and limits you can check in the deposit section. Press the yellow button to check it :)

Frequently asked questions

There might be a 20 minutes delay. If 20 minutes have already passed, please send in chat or messenger a screenshot of the payment. Our specialists will take care of it.

When you deposit via terminals, the maximum delay is up to 20 minutes. If 20 minutes have already expired, please send a photo of the receipt to our online chat

No receipt? Don’t worry! Contact the support service of the terminal network and request a copy of the receipt. You can find Support service contacts on the internet or directly on the terminal.

The deposit made via cryptocurrency could be delayed because of transaction processing by network of chosen currency. The transaction status can be checked on the relevant Internet resources. Pay attention to the number of confirmed blocks in the network. The funds will not be credited to the betting account until a certain amount of blocks are approved in a chain.
If the transaction is confirmed and the funds are not credited, contact the support team.

Also, it is required to provide the link of transaction details in the cryptocurrency network. To get such link, use a special website (it is called «Block Explorers»), where you can see the transaction history of your crypto wallet or proceed via a link indicated in your deposit history - usually, it leads you to a specific resource on which you may find information needed.

There may be a few reasons:

- the card has limits for Internet payment;
- you entered an incorrect verification code;
- you entered incorrect card details;
- your card is issued in another currency and doesn’t have a conversion.
If everything is OK with your card, please contact the Customer Support team to solve this issue.

To make a deposit, it is needed to have funds on the registered personal crypto wallet or crypto exchange. Also, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency a special internet exchanger.
To transfer funds, you have to select «Make deposit» button near the preferred cryptocurrency as the payment method and copy the generated address of the wallet (for some currencies, you can scan the QR code). To the copied address, you must send your desired amount from your wallet/exchange. After replenishment, the cryptocurrency is converted to the betting account currency due to the average exchange rates at the moment of transaction.

  • The minimal deposit amount depends on cryptocurrency, it is always indicated on the deposit page. When the transferred amount is less, the funds will be lost.
  • The deposit must be made in the same currency you choose in the «Make deposit» section. Deposits in different currency can not be returned.
  • For each deposit you have to open a «Make deposit» section, select the preferable currency and copy the address, as there are several wallets for depositing, and they can be changed any time
  • Pay attention to the token technical standard, which is indicated on the currency button when you make a deposit (as TRC-20 and ERC-20) For example, for depositing Tether ERC-20 the funds should be sent from Tether ERC-20 Wallet. If the funds are sent from Tether TRC-20, it will be lost.
  • Some wallets, exchanges or blockchain charge fees for the cryptocurrency transfer. Fees based on the type of cryptocurrency and method of transfer. For example, using Tether ERC-20 for transfer, the fees will be in the currency «Ethereum», when you deposit via Tether TRC-20, the fees will be in the currency «Tron».
TOP-10 questions

There is a possible 20-minute delay if you made your deposit with a card or terminal.

If 20 minutes have already passed and the money is still not credited, please contact the Customer Support team with a screenshot or photo of the payment receipt. We will take care of it

In order to change a card for withdrawal, you have to make your balance zero by transferring all your balance to the available card. After this, you can make a deposit with another card, and it automatically will be available for withdrawal.

If you do not have access to your old card, you have to make a deposit with your new card and contact the Customer Support Team.

Important! Deposit must be made via Visa/Mastercard method, not by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

There are many reasons for a refund. For example, if the game is interrupted and not finished within 12 hours, or if the match is postponed for more than 36 hours the bets will be refunded (this applies to most sports, there are only a few exceptions).

The bet can be refunded if your prediction matches with the handicap or total. Bets can be voided if you placed an individual total bet, but the chosen player is not in the starting lineup.

The bet can also be refunded in tennis in case of a player retirement. If the retirement takes place before the end of the First Set, all bets will be refunded, except already settled. If the retirement takes place after the end of at least one set, then all handicaps will be refunded. In this case, the bets on a winner are settled according to the referee's decision.

You can always clarify it with the Customer Support Team.

Open «Slots» chose  «Bonuses» and click on «Activate», always read bonus rules before activation.

Did you activate the bonus by accident? You can cancel it by clicking on the «Cancel» button if you didn't start using the bonus

To get it, you have to activate it on the bonus page every week from 00:00 Saturday till 23:59 Sunday (UTC +03:00) or earlier, the main thing is that you have to activate it before the game. Only the game after activation will be considered for bonus calculation. On Monday, the bonus will be automatically calculated and shown on the bonus page.

You'll have 48 hours to collect it, otherwise, it will disappear. We recommend you activate the offer right after the withdrawal of the previous week's cashback.
The minimum bonus amount is 50 UAH,

It's a unique Parimatch feature that will reveal the spirit of the collector in you, allow you to test your success, and give you the opportunity to receive many awards and bonuses.

In order to participate in the bonus campaign, you must:

- create your PM Hero on the bonus campaign page (invent a nickname, select an avatar icon and click the Save button);

- fulfill the conditions by making bets and deposits with promotional conditions, and collect stickers and achievements for this;

- receive bonus prizes in the «Promo» section for collected achievements and filled stickerbook pages.

If you use the browser version of the website, you can do it in your profile. Open «Settings» click on «Security» and chose «Change password». In the app just click on your balance and in your profile chose «Change password».

If you lost access to your account, just follow the link, and enter your mail address or phone number and wait for a confirmation code or mail.

Firstly, check for a possibility of self-correction in the «Personal data» section.

If the option is not available, please contact the Customer Support Team via chat or any messenger.
Надай наступну інформацію:
Prepare the following information:
- your account number;
- new mail address\phone number;
- photo of your ID near a piece of paper where write «For mail correction on Parimatch» and indicate your new mail address\phone number, and the date


If you want to confirm your account, please choose a convenient method in the «Account confirmation» section.

Banking confirmation - is the fastest method available for the residents of Ukraine. Also, you can upload photos of the front and back sides of your ID and a selfie with the document.

Your documents will be checked fast, but sometimes it can delay up to 24 hours.

If you made any deposits on your account, there is no possibility to delete your account.

But you have a possibility to block it. For this you should write an email to write your account number, name, and the reason why you want to block the account,

Important! The client can block the account once per 90 days.