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Do you want to spin slots? Go to the “Casino" section and choose any game.

To win, you need to make one of the combinations — paylines. For each slot, the paylines are formed in different ways, you can view them by clicking on the “i” in the game.

If you want to add more excitement to your casino games, you can activate any of the bonuses offered in the “Bonuses” section: a welcome bonus with several levels and different missions, free spins, cash bonuses, etc. To activate one of the bonuses, you need to deposit a casino balance with the “Checkbox” and enter the bonus code. The bonus will be activated after the successful deposit to the balance. You can check the progress of bonus wagering in the “My bonuses” section. Each bonus has its conditions, you can find them in the rules.

Do you want a live dealer's casino? Choose Live casino, BETGAMES or TVBET.

In Live Casino, you can play poker, baccarat, roulette, and other games with real rivals and a dealer. Also, you can chat with players in special chat rooms — this makes you feel like in a real casino.

Don’t forget to check the “Bonuses” tab!

BetGames, TVBET combine different types of basic card (but not only) games: poker, baccarat, War of bets, etc. Bets are placed before or during the live-streaming. You can check the rules of the game by clicking on “How to play?”.

Do you want to bet on sports, but don't want to wait? Click the «Virtual sports» tab.

There you can find football, basketball, hockey, racing, horse racing, and even dog racing. All games rely on Random Number Generator Technology to decide the results, so you don’t need to waste time on boring analytics.

Frequently asked questions
To play Classic casino games, you need to deposit a separate “Cashbox'' in the upper right corner of the screen. The other types of casino games you can play using the main balance.
Go to the “Cashbox”, select the “Refund” tab and enter the amount. The money will be credited to your account balance.
This can happen if you have a bonus that is subject to wagering requirements. You can transfer the money only after you complete all wagering requirements for all active bonuses.
If you activate in the full site, then you need to click " Checkout " and enter the promo code in the special field. It can be found in the Bonus Terms CA. But if you are activating from the mobile version or application, then first you need to go to "Promotion terms" and then click Get . After that, a window will appear cashier, where you need to make a transfer for the appropriate amount.
With the “Happy Weekend in Casino” bonus, you can get a 10% refund for bets you have lost in the casino on the weekend. To get a bonus, you need to click on “Activate” button on the bonus page every week from Saturday, 00:00 till Monday, 23:59 (UTC+02:00). So, every weekend your refund percentage will increase (on 5% every weekend). More details you can find on the offer page.
In Live Casino, you can get 10% cashback from bets you have lost on weekends. To get a refund, you need to click on the corresponding button no later than the end of Monday, which follows after the weekend you have played the game. The maximum amount — is equivalent to $500 in the game account currency, and the minimum is $5.
All your active casino bonuses you can find in the “My Bonuses” section. The status of the bonus and the progress of its wagering will be displayed there. Also, if you click on the bonus, you can check its terms and conditions.
You can receive free spins as a personal bonus, or you can buy them in the “Bonuses” tab. When the bonus is activated, the spins will appear in the promotional game. After using all the spins, you need to complete a wagering requirement to withdraw money. Usually, you need to spin the winnings 10x-20x or more times. Some bonuses have no wagering requirements, these and other terms you can find in bonus conditions.
If you have less than 2 UAH on your casino balance, and the bonus is still valid, check whether you have any open tabs with games on your device. If you haven’t, contact our Customer Support team.
In every game in BetGames and TVBET there is a clock or TV, where one of the world's TV channels is turned on. You can turn on the same TV channel at home and make sure that the game is broadcasting in real-time.
The round of the game that is streaming on BetGames and TVBET is called the “draw”. It has a unique ID-number using which you can check your bet in the “Results”.
Any game has technical errors sometimes. When such a situation occurs, check the internet connection on your device and check if any other reasons can disable the game. If everything is OK, take a screenshot of the error and contact our Customer Support team.  
Each casino table has a chat, and you can use it to communicate with the dealer and other players. It brings the game closer to reality. In this chat, you can write everything related to the game. The main rule is - only polite communication. For violation of this rule, a chat will be banned.  
TOP-10 questions
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    Get new mirrors upon request! You can always send a short message with the keyword "link" or "mirror" and @parimatchbetBot will suggest a link to the valid mirror site.

    Android app

    Betting via your smartphone is easy now! We decided not to update the existing application but created a new one – Parimatch Android App

    Check yourself how functional it is. Simply download and install the app. We advise you to update your Android version because the app is not running on Android OS older than 4.4.4.

    Tor browser

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    • Now you can go to the website using the Tor browser.

If you activate in the full site, then you need to click " Checkout " and enter the promo code in the special field. It can be found in the Bonus Terms CA. But if you are activating from the mobile version or application, then first you need to go to "Promotion terms" and then click Get . After that, a window will appear cashier, where you need to make a transfer for the appropriate amount.

There are many reasons for a void. For example, if the game is interrupted and not played within 12 hours, or if the match is postponed for more than 36 hours the bets will be void (this applies to almost all sports, there are only a few exceptions).

The bet can be voided if your prediction matches with the handicap or total. Bets can be voided if you have placed an individual total bet, but the named player is not in the starting 11. 

The bet can also be voided in tennis in the event of player retirement. If the retirement takes place before the end of the First Set, all bets will be voided, except for settled ones. If the retirement takes place after the end of at least one set, then all handicaps will be voided: for the match and sets. In this case, the bets on a winner are settled according to the umpire’s decision.

You can always check the reason for withdrawal canceling in the “Finances”/“Payments history” — “Withdraw”/“Withdrawals history” sections.
Withdrawal is possible only to the payment system that you have used for the deposit. If you have used several systems to make a deposit, the first one becomes the main for withdrawal. But the Parimatch company also can determine which payment system will be available for the withdrawal. If you have used many methods to deposit and do not understand which payment system you can use to withdraw funds, contact our Customer Support.
When you deposit with a card, the maximum delay is up to 60 minutes. If 60 minutes have expired, but the money is still not credited, please send a screenshot with the transaction data and your account number to email: and describe the problem. Our customer support team will help.

When you deposit via terminals, the maximum delay is up to 30 minutes. If 30 minutes have expired, but the money is still not credited, please send a photo of the receipt and your account number to with the corresponding comment.

No receipt? Don’t worry! Contact the support service of the terminal network and request a copy of the receipt. Support service contacts you can find on the internet or at the terminal. Unfortunately, we can't help you without a receipt.

Sure, we have. This is a bonus for your first deposit. If you have not registered on our website yet, follow the link.

And if you have already registered, we recommend you check the “Personal Promo” tab from time to time.

If you deposited a gaming account via terminal, you can withdraw funds to the mobile number you entered when you signed up (for accounts in UAH currency). For accounts in the RUB currency, withdrawal is available to the mobile number and Qiwi wallet, if your Qiwi wallet has the same mobile number you entered when signed up in Parimatch.


If you want to withdraw funds to the card, then deposit with it or contact our Customer Support team.

To change the card, you need to zero your account balance by transferring all the funds to the available card, and then deposit the account with the new card. Then you can withdraw to it.


If you are unable to withdraw funds to your old card, contact our Customer Support team and provide your account number — we will help you to add a new card to your account.